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PEO & Payroll Services for Swiss Companies

Our PEO and payroll service means that you can avoid all the hassle of an employer, avoid headcount limits and complex HR procedure by hiring your employee via us.

Fully compliant

We can payroll your chosen consultant(s), in complete compliance with Swiss employment law and lease them to you, leaving you worry free to get on with the project work.
We take care of permits, contracts, payroll, tax, social deductions, pension and absence insurances bulk negotiated at very low rates.
You pay a fixed unit labour price allowing you to budget in advance. No nasty surprises.

Fast and effficient

We will have your EU based consultants on board as soon as you want - within days if necessary, not months.

Our contracts with you are fully approved and by the Swiss authorities, easy to understand and endorse by your company's legal department.  
We can also work with your own onboarding or  project/contract  management software if required.

We take care of the details

We can provide timesheet reporting for your contractors if required, and guidelines as to working hours, Sunday, night and shift working etc, under Swiss law. 
We always check timesheets for legal compliance and ensure your consultant is fully supported at the HR level.
We also have the experience to effectively handle and settle any disputes that may arise.

Agency network intermediary

If you do not have a preferred recruiter, we can put you in touch with recruiters for your needs.
Through our permanent placement intemediary service we have an extensive network of international agencies who specialise in supplying the best talent to support your business needs.

You provide us with job specifications and we can represent you in the recruiting process.


Bahnhofstrasse 11
CH-8302 Kloten


Phone: +41 (0)44 400 5585
Fax: +41 (0) 44 400 5588